Bridal Services

Liz Varenne offers the finest in Makeup services for your Wedding Day.

 Your Wedding Day is the most dreamed about, most photographed day of your life! You entrust the most important elements of the day to professionals, whose experience and expertise will guide you through your every moment of your event. Your makeup is no different than your dress, flowers or venue.
          Liz Varenne is a Professional Makeup Artist who specializes in special occasions and weddings. Professional products and techniques will not only make you have one less thing to think about on your big day, but also make you look YOUR camera-ready best! 

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It's a great way to hang out with your girls before the big day, or if you haven't had time (you know you haven't) to catch some rays.

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Bridal Makeup at it's Best


The Trial


For the trial, Liz will come to your location before the wedding date to do your makeup as it will be on the day of the wedding. First, a consultation with the Bride to find out the wedding day details (where, when, who). Then, skin type, makeup preferences (or lack thereof), color schemes and the Bride's vision for the day.
        After the makeup application, Liz will go over the Bride's look with her, discussing different aspects of the makeup, and adjusting anything that she may want to change. Liz will also advise the Bride to take pictures of her makeup throughout the day and evening in different lights, to get an idea of how she will look in pictures.In a perfect world, a trial can be scheduled for 6 months in advance-but please contact Liz as fast approaching Weddings can often be accomodated.

Everybody else....


Liz travels with an extensive inventory of makeup. She is ready to match any skin tone or type, and is able to achieve an individual look  for each face. Bridal party members are encouraged to bring their own lipsticks to touch up with during the day.



Nothing makes a Groom's heart melt  like long wispy lashes. That's why eyelashes are included in the application price for every Bride. Liz prefers to use individual lashes for a more natural look. They are applied with a temporary adhesive that lasts for the day. They will not come off during the event.

Wait, I want to look like me! (but, you know, better!)


Enhanced beauty is Liz's style. She also is very attuned to the needs of Brides, and listens carefully to their concerns and vision.  That's why a trial is vitally important-you know exactly how you will look on your wedding day.

Don't. Go. Anywhere.



Long Lasting Makeup is the biggest concern for Brides, whose Wedding Day is one they want to remember fondly. Liz uses professional techniques that will make your makeup absolutely long lasting. The skin is prepped with a primer, foundation applied and powdered well for longevity.  Eyeshadow is layered with cremes and powders to set it in place (no creases!). Liner and mascara are waterproof.
Lipstick is all you will need to reapply.  

Do I go to you? that's not gonna work for me.

All services are provided on site, whether it be your home,  hotel or venue! You don't have to do anything but sparkle!